Writing, Writing And Thinking Across Contexts Course Essay

1179 Words Dec 5th, 2015 null Page
This portfolio represents my best work, including supporting artifacts, written in the 2015 Fall 2 Semester of EN105 First Year Writing Seminar I: Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking Across Contexts course. The portfolio will take you through my writing journey that I have experienced over the last seven weeks.
As I reflect back on this journey, I knew it would be a challenge before the class ever started. However, I had a glimmer of hope due to the writing I do at work and where others admire my business writing. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my strong business writing was not be beneficial in this class and I had just entered my worst nightmare. While my business writing was not to my advantage, there were additional tools that were and these tools became my strengths during this course. Some of these tools that I use with my work that I found beneficial are: proofreading, grammar, spelling, meeting deadlines, not afraid of deep revisions or complete re-writes, and peer reviews. Writing weaknesses were also quickly identified and consisted of: being to wordy, having “simple” writing, MLA work cited formatting, going off focus in an essay, and the most challenging of the weaknesses was critical thinking. Tips and tricks were learned as the course progressed and these were a factor in strengthening my weaknesses. Some of these helpful tips and tricks were: using a thesaurus and a list of more advanced words to assist with my simple writing…

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