Essay about Writing : The Writing Process

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The writing process
Since I started pursuing my education, writing remains to be part of my life. It has come in handy while pursuing my education as it is an effective tool of communication. To me, it is the best way of expressing my feelings as I am in full control of the process. It is an appropriate way to put my thoughts down in writing. I get to portray my world in writing. It facilitates a platform where I can share my thoughts and communicate them to my audience. Additionally, writing makes me open to people of all walks of life. Moreover, it has been a source of my livelihood while undertaking it for commercial purposes, through a number of platforms.
To date, writing has played a significant role in my life in an effort aimed at attaining success. Throughout my preceding levels of education, prior to joining college, writing has been of the essence. Notes dictated by my tutors ought to have been written down whilst the evaluation process in these institutions involved writing of the examination. After completing my high school education, I learnt how to practice writing as a source of living.
Currently, I undertake writing as a part time profession whenever my tight schedule allows me practice writing on the online platform. The internet has facilitated a platform where I interact with different clients who are situated in different geographical regions around the world. I have acquired the skills to determine the ideas that my clients need to be put in writing…

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