Writing Is Not A Pastime For Me Essay

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Writing has always been a pastime for me. When I was younger, I loved writing stories just for fun or to have something to share with my family and friends. I remember being able to sit down for hours on end and write full pages worth of writing. Whether it made any sense, had proper grammar, and even if it was legible didn’t matter to me. It was writing that I could truly say was my own and be proud of. In fact, writing has never been really significant for students like me up until middle school. That’s when my English teachers introduced structured essays and their “right way to write”, which was supposed to work for all students. I didn’t have a problem with this, since all I had to follow what the teacher said and I would get a good grade.
This carried on all the way through middle school and up until high school where it even intensified with teachers expecting us to write the “five paragraph essay” for any piece of work we handed in. It was expected of us to write like robots, having no control, and voice in any piece of writing. This really started to bother me, as if my writing was being constrained, and didn’t reflect what I wanted to say, but sounded more like what my teacher wanted me to say. At times, I felt as if the essay I was writing wasn’t my own and it sounded like someone else.
Ann M. Penrose, an associate professor of English at North Carolina State University and Cheryl Geisler, an associate professor of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser…

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