Writing Attitude Study: Background Information And Interests Of Students

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A. Background information/interests of student:
Student T. is a six year old boy in first grade. He is the youngest of four children. During his interview, he told me that he loves playing video games. He went into detail about the different video games he plays and how to play them. His favorite video games are Minecraft and Clash of Clans, which he said he plays every day. He also enjoys playing flag football and basketball. Student T. said he likes to ride bikes with his brothers in their neighborhood. He also jumps on his trampoline every day after school. He has two dogs that he really loves.

Student T. told me his favorite subject in school is math. He said he likes math because he is “really good at it". He said he likes to read books about cats because he wants to get a kitten. He also likes to read Magic Tree House books because he thinks it is neat that they travel to “cool places”. He told me that he likes it when his mom reads Geronimo Stilton books because they are hilarious books about a mouse.

B. Attitudes/understandings towards writing, self-as writer, and experiences in required writing activities:
The Writing Attitude Survey
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shows a need for instruction in the area of ideas. I observed during a writing lesson in class that when asked to come up with ideas on his own he couldn’t. Instead, he waited for the teacher to help him and then he wrote down what they came up with together. In my interview with Student T., he told me, “I never know what to write about.” When I asked what he does when he is stuck in writing, he said he waits for the teacher to help him, which is what I observed. However, he scored a four on the 6+1 Traits of Writing Rubric because his writing samples convey a focused main idea. He also includes several details to support his idea and includes pictures to go with his writings. Student T.’s writing samples are written about what he did on the weekend, which is a topic he is interested in writing

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