Writing About Friendship And Violence Against And Among Women

740 Words Nov 14th, 2016 3 Pages
Several years ago, as an undergraduate double major student in English education and Literature in English, I wondered why women writings seem to be an overlooked subject. Out of curiosity, a long term research into women’s experience, culture, and society explored through the lens of postcolonial, feminist, social and cultural theories was born. Through this research I have learned that oppressive cultural aspect of gender relationships, especially between women is something that is being dismissed and narratives about women were exclusively written by the male authors of West African literature, especially in early post-colonial writings, and the narratives included the depiction and prescription of relationship between women which was largely influenced by patriarchal hegemony. But what happens when the female authors participate in the narrative, writing about friendship and violence against and among women? Why was the narrative about women and relationships one-dimensional – told by men – or conforming to the patriarchal prescription of women until Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter (1981) and other “rebel” female writers? My future plan for this research is to explore the comparison between precolonial and postcolonial social and cultural representation of female identity in West Africa especially Yoruba and Senegalese Wolof cultures. In the course of my thesis, I gathered a sizable but interesting information about women in precolonial times in these cultures, and it…

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