Essay On The Role Of Women In The 1920s

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The early 1900s was an exceptional time for women, especially in the years leading up to and through the 1920s. This investigation will examine: to what extent did the political roles of women’s changed in the 1920s in the United States? It will look at the political aspects of their lives. This includes the new ability to vote from the passing of the 19th amendment, their fight into the political workforce, all part of the women’s suffrage movement. This investigation will use a variety of sources to determine the way that women’s roles changed in the 1920’s in politics. Including going through the different organizations websites and looking into the Library of Congress as it relates to women’s suffrage.

The Women’s Suffrage movement had
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Women stayed politically active through drafting up and admitting legislation into Congress to help their own equal rights as well as others. Though many of the pieces of legislation that were presented to Congress by the National Women’s Party were denied they were persistent in their cause, not being ones to give up, they moved on. The legislative pieces and the activity in the Washington Conference on the Limitation of Armament helped further their political presence. There were many states during this time that passed legal rights for women which allowed them more freedom than they had before. The passing of the legal rights for women was a step forward for them. This activity brought the Women’s Suffrage Movement into focus as they worked towards a higher presence politically. The actions that they took and the organizations formed allowed for their thoughts to be heard by a select number of people of which were some members of the House of …show more content…
The roles of women politically did change somewhat. They had the new right to vote through the nineteenth amendment. Which allowed them to become more politically active if they were able to vote which was determined by the representation in the states in which they resided. There access to education was limited though, this kept them on a lower level politically because they were mostly unable to attend political or law classes. Women were allowed to work on a government level after a certain amount of time, such as being able to become the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Education, though they dealt with women issues specifically. And, women, though it wasn’t a completely new development, were able to become more integrated into the political process of the House of Representation, even reaching an all-time high in 1928. In getting women more integrated with political work, it helped to establish a foundation on which further suffrage groups could work off of and create equality between the

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