Writing A Paper On Writing

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when writing a paper many things need to go into consideration from the time you get the assignment to printing or submitting the final perfected copy. The first step is the generating ideas and puzzling them together in your first draft. Then you move on to revise, adding information and re-revising the paper you have spent so much time on. Normally then you leave the paper for a couple days with no editing if the writer has not waited until the last second to write the paper. After a few days the writer takes a fresh look at the paper and reworks any parts that still are not flawless. Then after the final save you submit the paper that you worked hard on. But when writing the paper it is not only the information or topic that helps the writer write it is the environment which includes everything from the room, the temperature, the music to the time of day and the kind of chair you are sitting in. Writing a paper or anything in general is almost like a production of a one man show where the conditions and outcomes are slightly different for everyone but in the end they have great story. Normally when I am writing I will try to brain storm but I do not write down the brain storming which is flawed on my part. When I do generate the idea and write them down it is nothing more than a piece of paper with ten to fifteen thoughts about the topic. These thoughts sometimes go together and sometimes make no sense at all when reading one from another. After I get ideas though I do…

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