The Importance Of Writing In Writing

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The house is silent, stripped of the normal voices and thundering feet. The room is bare, it appears as if vacant and unused. The fan is off, the humid air pressing down on the girl hunched over the only object in the room. But I thrives in this atmosphere, the lonely house allows my thoughts to speak as loud as they please, the empty room eliminates all distractions and I prefers to be sticky with sweat than disturbed by the inevitable rattle of the fan. Everyone has their own preferred technique for writing papers. Whether it is secluding themselves from all distractions like the girl, whom is me, mentioned above or emerging themselves into everyday noises.
Irony. That word alone sums up this situation. Writing a paper about my writing process as I go through all of these processes I will proceed to describe. Picking up where I left off in the story, I usually write the best when the sun is still up so from morning to about 6:00. The reason for this is when the sun disappears so does all my energy, my
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A helpful hint author Anne Lamott said was “To make first draft way longer “I’d write a first draft that was twice as long as it should be, with a self-indulgent and boring beginning, stupefying descriptions of the meal, lots of quotes from my black-humored friends that made them sound more like the Manson girls than food lovers, and no ending to speak of. The whole thing would be so long and incoherent and hideous…” (Lamott 191). From the article Shitty First Drafts the author suggests “Print and mark up with colored pen “ The next day, though, I’d sit down, go through it all with a colored pen, take out everything I possibly could, find a new lead somewhere on the second page, figure out a kicky place to end it, and then write a second draft.” (Lamott 191). Class discussions have also aiding me with helpful tips such as finding an editor and using a dictionary while

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