Write Your Own Reflection About Technology

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This is a lecture given by Michio Kaku, one of the world 's most celebrated and infamous physicists and spokesperson of 'the future. ' He is often called upon to discuss new technology and discoveries as well as to comment on the impact these developments may have on humanity.
Write 5 things you learned by listening to this lecture and then write your own reflection about how technology is impacting the human condition and how it will shape or influence human personality from this day forward.

This video was extremely interesting. It was simply amazing listening to him talk about the future. We are becoming more advanced when it comes to technology every single day that it is ultimately possible for anything to happen, for anything to be created through technology.

What I have learned from listening to this lecture is:

1. “Money is being
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vertical families, fantasies, etc.). I think this could have a negative impact on human behavior, as the video mentions how people can prefer virtual reality instead of real life. I think this is true, while virtual reality is growing rapidly and is very nice to participate in. It’s where your daydreams are coming true so to speak. In reality, it is not real life. If someone is so focused on virtual reality they may lose a sense of how to live or how to communicate with others face to face in the real world. For example, going to a job interview and having face to face conversations with your potential future boss. If you are so stuck in the virtual reality mindset, one may not know how to have a face to face conversation with someone because this type of situation could make them uncomfortable since they are more comfortable with communicating in a virtual reality setting which basically means you are communicating through technology and not really seeing anyone face to face in real life. Meaning that, virtual reality may change someone’s personality from out-going to

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