Write Me Sometime Short Story

Communication The Key to Happiness in the Parent Child Relationship What is the most important quality necessary for a strong parent-child relationship? Eye contact with a parent is a unique connection with no verbal response, yet it still projects guidance (4). In the short story “Write Me Sometime” the father feels a sense of connection with his daughter when she writes him letters, and when he takes her out for lunch. Feeling the sense of support by sending a letter to a parent, knowing they are reading and understanding is a great feeling to have. The relationship Hamlet had with his father was a forever bond that was cherished until the end of time. A relationship that is meaningful, even after death, is forever lasting. In the novel …show more content…
The father makes it cleaar he enjoys recieveing them, but would rather communicate by taking the daughter out to her favorite resturants. Before jumping to any conclusion, see it from every one’s point of view. In the novel Stone Angel Hagar is persistant with life through her pride, which gives her the strength to continue on with life. Hagar is stubborn with telling her sons what she wants, but learns at the end by talking things out, it gives her the freedom of speaking her mind and knowing she commicating with her sons what it is that she wanted. It 's always good to talk through the situation, help eachother to grow, and to continue moving forward. In Hamlet communication is the key to justice to avenge his fathers death, the ghost just had to be clear in telling his son that killing is not the answer. There are other alternatives to avenge King Hamlet. To have a clear communication be like a friend instead of being like a parent; give advice, work together, take out the selfishness, build each other up. The relationship between a child and parent is always changing. The parent is there as guidance, there as a support to make sure the child is on the right track, and if not redirect them instead of blaming. Approach them be a friend, and be open. Understand one another, and commicate what is is that you are trying to get

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