How To Quit Valley Forge Dbq

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Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit?

Who likes to go fight outnumbered with half your army sick? Britain had an army of 18,000 men and they were staying in Philadelphia. Washington (United States) had a smaller army and decided to stay about 18 miles northwest in a place called Valley Forge. But Would I have quit Valley Forge without permission? I would have most definitely quit Valley Forge because we were outnumbered, the conditions were terrible, and the sickness was outrageous.

I would have quit partially because the United States was itleast doubled by Britain in soldiers. Document A states "8,000 men in Febuary, 1778" as well "3,989 reported sick or were unable to report for duty." This document shows that we had a good 4,000 soldiers to fight a war against Britain since half of the United States soldiers were sick or couldn't report for duty. Background Essay states " With
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Document A shows that 50% of their men are sick. That is half of your soldiers are sick. About 2,000 of the men have died due to sickness. So you would have to go through wll the bad conditions and have a 50% chnace of getting sick, a 20% chnace of dying, all from just getting sick. Document C Dr. Algibence Waldo states " Vomiting half the time", "I am Sick – discontented – and out of humour." There would be no reason to stay if the United States is fighting with half their army sick. 2,000 of the United States soldiers ended up dying from the sickness. So when your going through all the other conditions, you have a 50% chance of getting sick, 20% chance of dying, all from the sickness. Not to mention the United States have to fight a quadrupled army with half of their army out I mean you would have a high chance of yourself dying. It would be much better to go home to live with a sickness that is supposively "not that

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