Example Of A Biblical Worldview

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Part I
“The definition of a worldview is an overall way of looking at the world.” (Harcourt, 2016) Worldview is in the eye of the beholder. Each person sees their world differently. Depending on how they live or how they were raised influences the way they view their world. Many people allow stereotyping to block their view(s) of different cultures and can allow this to give them a tainted perspective on how other people live their daily lives. (83 Words)
Part II After God created the sun, moon, and stars, and all of the planets, he created life. Life is a gift from God. Scientific books argue this fact. They even state that plants are life. The Bible says that God created living things two days after he created plants and
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Luke 23:43 makes it clear that there is life after death. Jesus was speaking to the criminal on the cross. He told him he would be in paradise with him. The Bible speaks very clearly in Revelation about Heaven and gives a very detailed description of what it will look like. It also clearly defines Hell and what will be going on there as well. The Bible talks about the two different places we will go and what will happen to us when we die and go there. Matthew 25:46 speaks about both what will happen to us when we die, either eternal punishment, or eternal life. Thus, we should live a holy life, striving to be like Jesus, and repenting when we sin. (746 words)
Part III A biblical worldview should influence the way we treat others and the future career that we decide on. First of all, the way we treat others is direct correlation of our relationship with God. If we consistently stay in the Word of God and pray, we will treat others with respect and love and there will be an evident testimony of His goodness spilling out through us. Secondly, as we also pray and seek God, it will influence our career decision. God places callings on our lives and has a plan for each one of us. His plan is always good. We must trust him for every decision we

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