Essay on World War I ( Wwi )

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World War I (WWI) saw the introduction of some of today’s most remarkable pieces of technology including: machine guns, indirect artillery, air planes, tanks, radios, and more. However, just a few years later, no major army entered World War II (WWII) with the same doctrine and weapons that it had at the end of WWI. The interwar period witnessed tremendous innovations in both technology and doctrine that completely changed warfare. While there were tremendous advances, there was also significant obstacles preventing change. Strategic leaders were faced with the difficult task of assessing and defining their nations future threats. Politicians argued over those assessments and threat definitions while developing spending budgets. Military leaders were faced with the options of adapting new technology and concepts or to maintain the status quo. Each major nation entering WWII was faced with these as well as numerous other unique obstacles that hindered innovation, the question is how well they overcame them. The three most significant obstacles to effective innovation during the interwar period was strategic understanding, political will, and military tradition. A nation’s strategic understanding is a critical driving force for innovation and can act as a large obstacle when assessed incorrectly. Following WWI, Germany conducted a thorough assessment of the 1918 battlefield and began publishing doctrinal manuals beginning with Die Truppenfuhrung, Troop Leadership…

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