Essay World War I Was A Military Threat

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The most Devastating, cataclysmic, traumatizing war in history was World War One, about 10,000,000 military troops died, and 7,00,00 civilians were killed to death these cold numbers capture much of the war’s horror. The treaty solved none of the major problems which caused the Great War in the first place. France, Great Britain, and Italy wanted to make sure Germany would never be a military threat again so they wanted to avenge the war by making Germany take all the blame for starting the war. Germany was not even permitted to send delegates to the conference. Huge reparation payments were awarded the allies and Germany was never able to make the payments which only weakened her poor economic situation, and it became worse with the onset of the Depression of the 1930s. All of Germany 's colonies were taken from her and she was not permitted to have a military other than a national police force. Hitler would later use the treaty as the cause of all the problems faced by Germany and convince the people that he could restore national pride and world recognition of Germany as an equal nation.

Hitler broke the Treaty that was over Germany’s armed forces, and Germany lost major territories that caused destruction. During 1919 the territories that were lost due to the versailles treaty were, France, Belgium, Denmark, and poland. In 1934, he destroyed the League of Nations Disarmament Conference by demanding equality of arms with France and Britain this broke the Treaty…

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