World War I And The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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World War II was set off by the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, in which Germany was forced to comply with a set of very strict terms which were intended to prevent the event of another war. Obviously, this backfired spectacularly; this much can be seen from the very fact that the Second World War did indeed happen. These terms caused national outrage, as Germany’s pride as a country had suffered greatly. One individual who sought to restore the nation back to its former glory had been Hitler, who, once he had gained political control of Germany, began to break various terms set by the Treaty. This included quietly remilitarising the Rhineland, bringing back conscription, annexing Austria and other actions not listed. Another cause for the outbreak of war was Germany’s intent to expand itself after having been reduced in size following the enactment of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. All of this then led to the event of the Second World War, occurring a disturbingly short length of time after the conclusion of the first.

The terms set by the Treaty of Versailles included total demilitarisation of Germany, the prohibition of Germany becoming unified with Austria, the removal of the German air force, the forced surrender of all external German territories, the massive cut to the size of their army, the forced abolishment of conscription and a reduction in size of the police force, among other restrictions not listed. Germany was also required to pay reparations for…

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