World War I And Our Multipolar World : Are We On Track For Another Great War?

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World War 1 and our Multipolar World: Are we on track for another Great War?

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has been able to enjoy being the sole great power within the international community. In a world where multiple states are beginning to increase their power economically and militarily while the United States’ power is beginning to decrease, one could point to the onset of World War 1 to asses the likelihood of war occurring today. While there are slight differences to the modern world, one could not deny the similarities of the environment within the international community. The similarities heavily outweigh the differences, with the security dilemma becoming more acute day by day between the United States and China, as the Chinese continue to grow their military force. The power transition theory could very well soon be tested with China on pace to pass the United States as the hegemonic power of the world. Of course today a war between China and the United States would cause disastrous economic implications for both, but one may argue that Great Britain and Germany were intertwined in trade before World War 1. Along with all of this, the international community has not seen a real multipolar world since before World War 1. After a long stretch of a bipolar world between the United States and the Soviet Union, the world is now in a unipolar state. Despite the power of the United States in todays world another great war has never been as…

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