Why Did World War 1 Happen

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Do people ever just wonder about World War 1? What caused the war? Where the major battles happened? The technologies that were used back in this time? Or even the post war problems that were caused? World War 1 was known as the Great War until World War 2 happened. World War 1 was one of the scariest times at that time in life. World War 1 was the cause of seventeen million deaths in addition to twenty million wounded. World War 1 changed millions of people’s thoughts. With the large amount of casualties World War 1 dug it’s place in history. The people of this time period said World War 1 was the great seminal catastrophe. With the Germans revolting and attacking other countries people would end up calling World War 1 the German Revolution. …show more content…
This battle took place on August 4th and last till the 16th of August. The city of Liege surrounded itself in twelve main towers. The towers were meant to stop the invading Germans. Nevertheless the Germans ended up capturing a tower. Later on the Germans would send a Zeppelin to bomb the city. As a result the Germans captured the city. Trench warfare did not start until the last couple weeks of 1914. Trench warfare was a special type of battle technique. Basically the army would dig deep trenches to hide from the enemy’s fire. Because of this technique of fighting the battles lasted a lot longer. Therefore the trenches were very hard to overtake (Legg). Trench Warfare changed the way of war in 1914. People were not expecting the overwhelming battles of trench warfare. When the United States was brought into the war it changed a ton of people’s lives. People were automatically enrolled into the military. With the United States brought into the war people knew the battle would come to an end soon. Eventually the last battle would come. The Allied powers came together and launched a massive attack against the enemies containing 435 tanks and British infantry followed the tanks. This massive attack caught the Germans by surprise and the allies were able to keep pushing the Germans back. The allies pushed the Germans back ten miles. The battle came to an end and so did the war. World War 1 lasted 4 years, and little did people know another one was

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