Short Essay On World War 1

World War 1 World War 1 began in July 1914, and ended November 11, 1918. Over sixty five million men from thirty countries fought in World War 1 ( Known as one of the worst, yet most influential wars ever fought, World War 1 left a stain on the world that ceases to leave. Approximately over one-sixth of the soldiers that fought, died. ( There are thousands of cemeteries in multiple countries built to commemorate the dead from World War 1 ( Some of these cemeteries do not even contain the actual bodies due to the intense war circumstances faced during a multi-national war ( Many of the lost bodies were not recorded and some small towns have still not had closure on …show more content…
A Serbian nationalist assassinated him and his wife in an effort to protest against the Austria-Hungary invasion of Bosnia. Serbians wanted to have control over Bosnia and they stopped at nothing to fight for it. After the assassination the archduke Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia ( Russia had an alliance with Serbia, so when Austria-Hungary attacked, Russia began to mobilize their forces to help defend. Germany was in an alliance with Austria-Hungary, when Russia fought against them Germany decided to strike back against Russia and Serbia ( Thus began the war.
Over the turn of the century new technology in weapons and warfare flourished. World War 1 was known to be the start of trench warfare. Trench warfare is a term used to describe the use of trenches dug out to aid in battle ( One of the main aids to the battlefield and trench warfare were landmines. Landmines were a relatively new and polished weapon which was brought to attention during the World War 1. This new development caused major problems to the opposing force on the battlefield. Landmines were mainly a counter to

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