World Geography Focuses On The Regions Of The World Essay

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World geography focuses on the regions of the world and how the physical features of these areas affect cultures and civilizations. As a result, each unit contains three primary sections: physical geography, sociology, and political geography. The unit described in this lesson focused on United States Geography. The lesson began an analysis of my students’ base geographic knowledge. I administered a pretest in which the students labeled the states by memory. This tapped the students’ prior knowledge as they studied the states and capitols in 8th grade. It also gave me a base line for their knowledge of the United States. I used these results to tailor my instruction to fit the classes’ needs. During the unit on the United States, I focused on the three primary sections. For physical geography, the class spent two days working on maps of the United States. They labeled the States and their capitols as well as major physical features of the country. From there, we took two days on a project in which the students researched the regions of the United States and created group PowerPoint presentations demonstrating the differences between regions. This focus on the physical features led into the next section of the course, sociology. WE looked at the Native American tribes and how they adapted to their environment referring back to the regions of the United States. Finally, we ended on political geography through an analysis of the challenges faced by governing such a vast and…

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