Analysis Of United Airlines Philosophies

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United Airlines, a company founded in 1926, is the worlds largest airline when measured by the total number of destinations served. What makes United different from other airlines, as does many other companies in the world, is the philosophy in which they run their business. United focuses on two main philosophies that help them stay the world-class airline they say they are. The two business philosophies that they follow is providing world-class customer service to provide their passengers a relaxing and luxurious flight, and creating a workplace where employees feel they can make a solid difference in the company. Providing a world-class customer service base is important in any company but especially in aviation, where the competition is heavy. There are many choices when it comes to flying and if a passenger does not feel they are being treated as best as they could be, they will never fly that specific airline again. United began working with Prophet, a company that deals with improving customer experience at specific companies, and has the “Intent on becoming: ‘A service company committed to delivering travel experiences that make customers feel respected, relaxed, and rewarded.’ (1to1 Media, 2014).” Even though providing and focusing on customer service can cost an airline millions of dollars, the return business they receive will benefit the company twofold. …show more content…
By hiring outside help, and diversifying their workforce, many employees and passengers have seen a change. When it comes to aviation, you want repeat business, and sometimes-in order to make money you must spend money. Spending on the overall customer experience can only help a business and United is slowly starting to rise yet again. Business Philosophy is current and will allow United to grow into a prosperous airline once

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