Workplace Bullying Causes Anxiety Issues Essay

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“You suck! You are fat! You are so ugly! These quotes are the typical phrases that school age bullies might use to insult their prey. Unfortunately, bullying has traveled from the school yard to the work place. Bullying is defined as repeated verbal and physical actions that are used to intentionally humiliate and intimidate others. According to the Psychological Harassment Information Association, workplace bullying has become associated with terms such psychological abuse, psychological harassment, psychological manipulation, and psychological warfare. When discussing workplace bullying you often think of the misuse of power by those who are in supervisory roles. However, workplace bullies can be anywhere in the organization even your coworkers. Workplace bullying creates feelings of vulnerability, hopelessness, and inequality. Creating an intensive therapeutic group that assist with identifying what bullying is and means of coping with being bullied could assist clients with maintaining good mental health.
Literature Review
Gordon S. (2013)Workplace Bullying Causes Anxiety Issues, Overview of anxiety disorders that can develop due to workplace bullying
Sherri Gordon discuss how bullying can result in Anxiety issues. When someone is the victim of bullying it can affect their lives making them feel isolated, depressed, lonely, and anxious. The effects of bullying can remain, after the bullying has stopped. Gordon, describes bullying has being yelled at, belittled,…

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