Workers in the Gilded Age Essay

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Workers in the Gilded Age

Before the industrial age, factories and workplaces were small enough that the owner knew everyone by name and often worked alongside his or her employees. Industrialization was a time period where there was a major shift in technology. The 19th century was the century of greatest change. Technological changes that played a role in Industrial Revolution were the use of new basic materials like steel and iron. New energy sources were being used which consisted of; coal, the steam engine, electricity and petroleum. These technological changes tremendously increased use of natural resources and the mass production of manufactured goods (Dougherty). Without industrialization, our nation would be nowhere as far as
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The workers during the Gilded Age were not really benefiting from the changes. The workers were not allowed to expand their learning abilities with the new machinery in place. They were required to work their position and become an expert (Finnerty). The workers in the Gilded Age worked extremely long hours in order to make ends meet and were not paid very well. While the rich were getting richer the poor were getting

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