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The United State would have not entered World War II if Italy, Japan and Germany had stopped after their early conquests. The people of America did not want to play any role in the European war. The great oceans, on both sides of the American continent made them feel safe.
It was not until the first bombs fell on the island of Hawaiian that the great debate if the United State should be involved in world war two that came to an end. Just a few numbers of Americans had been to Japan. On December 7 President Roosevelt addressed the Congress asking for the support for the war against the Empire of Japan. Later on, Germany declared war on the United State.using the Selective Service System, over ten million men were recruited in the army.
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The unemployed workers of the Great Depression were absorbed in the industry. This involved new order for munitions, combat vehicles and uniforms. Old factories were modernized and expanded. New tanks were produced by the Chrysler Tank Arsenal. These tanks and armored vehicles later became of great to General S Patton’s Third Army. The American dominance in the skies was clear. Boeing produced the great four engines. These bomber fleets were involved in the destruction of many cities. In 1942, the America produced twice the number of airplanes produced in Japan and Germany combined. By the year 1944, the United State had produced 100, 000 aircrafts which were greater than the combined output of Japan, British and German. By the year 11945, the United State had the most powerful navy than all other countries put together. Destroyers were produced by the Bath Iron Works in Marine. The Kaiser shipyards in California produced an entire Victory ship. The busiest of all was the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which had 71,000 employees who were working around the clock seven days a week.
There was a huge demand of manpower in order to produce instruments of war. Many young men joined the army while women produced the necessary labor. There was a huge growth of the number of women joining the labor force between 1942 and 1945. At first they worked as waitresses filling station attendants and ambulance crews. Soon after opportunities in aircraft

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