Woolworths Supply Chain Essay

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Discussion and Evaluation of Woolworths Foods purchasing process

Authors: Ian dlamini, Sne Byron Van Herder, Naseer Khan, Mohamed Kadar & Muhammad Moola,

Executive summary

Woolworths is one of the biggest retail stores in South Africa. Founded in the early nineteen thirties by Max Sonnenberg, Woolworths has grown to a retail giant with over four hundred stores throughout Africa and Middle East. Along with Woolworths being of such large proportions it now is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Within our study of Woolworths we will be examining the purchasing process of this retail giant and in order to achieve this we will employ tools and techniques to simplify our study. This study will compromise of a detailed
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Max Sonnenberg believed that success lay in providing potential customers with high-end quality products at affordable prices which overtime became key in benchmarking Woolworths as one of South Africa’s leading retail chain groups (Woolworths Holdings, 2013a).
Over 80 years later Woolworths have extended its value chain through franchised partnerships and can now account for more than 400 retail outlets throughout Africa and the Middle East (Woolworths Holdings, 2013a). Additionally Woolworths Holdings also extends its influence to the Australian chain Country Road with a majority stake

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