Woodrow Wilson 's 14 Points Speech And The Article Written By Matthias Matthijs

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International Relations Article Essay
The two pieces that I will be discussing are Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points speech and the article written by Matthias Matthijs and R. Daniel Kelemen, Europe Reborn: How to Save the European Union From Irrelevance. I will be explaining what points both pieces are trying to make as well as what points of view they are coming from. In Woodrow Wilson’s speech he is approaching it from a liberal view and Matthijs and Kelemen are similarly using the perspective to say what the EU ought to do to stay in power.
First, I will start with Woodrow Wilson’s speech on the 14 point plan which was devised as a plan in keeping the peace in Europe after World War I. It is important to note that the treaty took only some of his ideas and added punishments to the Germany that disrupted the treaty’s effectiveness in keeping peace. The leaders of Britain and France wanted Germany to pay reparations and be punished for being the aggressor of the war. Wilson begins with addressing the congress and stating the need for a definite settlement that could not be construed otherwise. He states that there will be no concessions for the aggressors nor will they give up any land. Wilson continues with why he believes that these points must be followed in order to bring peace to Europe and the rest of the world. (Bullington; 2008)
After this lengthy introduction, he moves on to the specific points. 1. No more secret treaties, all negations of peace agreements must be…

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