Women In The Military

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Women have not always had the equal rights they do now, and in the past, their primary roles have always consisted of staying at home and doing domestic work such as taking care of their children or doing housework. There has been about a 76 year difference from the beginning of World War II to this current year in 2015, from the time where women had their greatest opportunities in their jobs while the majority of men were out fighting in the war. American Women’s rights have only slightly improved from the time of World War II to the present, due to job opportunities, war positions, and basic human rights.
The primary source was the Created Equal textbook; the secondary sources used were internet sources such as from www.History.com, www.nwhm.org,
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Women’s rights have been building up since World War I, to World War II, and even the more current wars the United States has been engaging in. At The beginning of the 21st century also brought opportunity to women in the military, including those of color. In the year 2000, women in the military were being promoted for their hard work and given more serious leadership roles within their area of battle. For example, The National Army Guard was the first to promote a woman to a major general, as well as a woman pilot in the Air Force becoming the first female to be promoted to a brigadier general, and in the Coast Guard, there was the first woman to be promoted to flag officer rank. Though to some men who have been in any of these groups of the military, these promotions may seem as though they are not very difficult to receive, but as a woman who has been looked down upon and demeaned for the sole purpose of them not being a man, these are great feats. It shows that the officers of command truly commend the work these women have done, and value them as a person as well as a soldier. In 2002, an African-American woman became the first of her race to be promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the Army National Guard. Those of which who were in higher command were able to see past here color as well as her gender to see the hard working human, and soldier, and give her a higher rank and position. In 2005, “The first woman in history was awarded the Silver Star for her combat actions.” Since the beginning of women’s presence in the military, they sometimes looked upon ‘just as women’ as well as equals on the battlefield. After all this time of women participation in the military, one is recognized enough to be given a medal and awarded for her bravery and action on behalf of her country. On January 24, 2013, the United

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