Fashion Trends In The 1920s

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1920’s Womens Fashion
The 1920’s was an era of “New Modernization,” going from post war stress, to parties and fun! This era was specially focused on women, and the big role they took as they became more “independent” and “carefree” about their fashion choices. Women’s fashion wasn’t just about the clothes, but about the way it made women’s confidence and power rise. To wear the most popular trends was power, as they were affordable for all women. The popular trends at this time were lighter and shorter dresses made of silk, this made the use of cotton become less popular. The women who followed the trends first were young teenage girls that lived in the city, but in time the country and older women started catching up and made
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Before the 1920s the U.S entered the first World War, causing over 2 million deaths. Many people were also lost and never heard of again. The War had the U.S in shock, young men had to fight in the World War which ended up in major conflict between the adults and the teenagers. After the war ended teenagers started partying in order to forget about the horrendous images of the war. They started forgetting their morals, and started wearing lighter and shorter dresses, smoking like crazy and becoming more and more selfish. “A youth driven culture was taking over society, not with politics, but with fun. If the youth couldn’t bring their lost friends and neighbors back they at least could forget about it with wild parties, fast cars, and loose morals.” …show more content…
Womens fashion shaped the society in giving women a sense of independence, which is something every woman should feel. Another way it shaped the society is by spending so much money on parties, dresses and alcohol. It shaped it because nobody had a worry in the world, and were just spending money like crazy because they weren’t aware of the upcoming years (Great Depression era). The 1920’s were the big party, and the upcoming 1930’s were the big

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