Women's Basketball History

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Women playing basketball professionally was unheard of until April 24, 1996 it was televised all across the world. This all began with a press conference that included star players such as Rebecca Lobo, Lisa Leslie, and Sheryl Swoopes. Later that month, a man Val Ackerman was named First president of the WNBA. The First game began on June 21, 1997, starting two teams The New York Liberty and Los Angeles Sparks. The WNBA is currently about to enter their 19th season.
The WNBA has multiple attribute that have contributed to their successful since they have been established. In 1996, The women's team won a gold medal for basketball. The women that help start the industry Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes, and Rebecca Lobo were
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Her stat line for the evening against the Indiana Fever was 16 points, 16 rebounds, six blocks, five assists, and five steals. This was a huge accomplishment for women’s basketball (ESPN).
Many more achievements throughout Women’s basketball which gained recognition later on in 2011 Courtney Vandersloot of Gonzaga becomes the first NCAA basketball player, male or female, to reach 2,000 points and 1,000 assists. This milestone was achieved in a second round NCAA tournament win against UCLA. In addition to her success (ESPN.com).
In 1997 to the early 2000’s, women’s basketball wasn’t the most successful period most people thought it would be. It faced many trials and tribulations which included but not limited to poor attendance, lack of support from both a financial standpoint and media, as well as the lack of teams who actually participate even though there were large numbers of college women’s basketball teams there were very little professional teams. ssful game, her 17 assists in the game was two short of the record in an NCAA tournament game leading victory for the name of women’s
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The Six Perspectives are transcendent, product, user, value, manufacturing and customer perspective. Transcendent is the striving of excellence. The company should go beyond what is required of them and the standard of being good. Being good, is not enough, being excellent and outstanding at your job is the goal. Product perspective is pertaining to the quantity and the quality of the product they tend to sell and how it could benefit the company. User perspective is finding what better satisfies the preferences of the company, to bring more people the basketball games you have to have a strategy that will draw the public’s attention, whichever strategy works best is the idea that the company will stick to. Value perspective is the cost and prices of the market strategies and what it takes to change the company around to make it more marketable. It is nice to have many different attributes, but more is not always good, the idea or product has to bring some type of value, which is considered good quality. Manufacturing perspective deals with engineering and manufacturing practices and conformity, behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards. The company has to invest in design, manufacturing and improvement until their investment costs equal the costs of non-quality such as rework or scrap. Customer perspective is thinking about what the customers would want to see, experience and receive

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