Women 's Status And Freedom Essay

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Source Criticism

• Women had little to no authority and weren 't treated as equals in 1st century Palestine
• A women 's status and freedom was severely limited by Jewish law and custom
• They were considered inferior and subordinate to men
• There is no wisdom in a woman except with the spindle" (bYom. 66b)
• Men had complete control over their wife and their daughter until she got married establishing their activities and their relationships that they were involved in
• Women were passed from the control of her father to the control of her husband with little or no say in the matter
• Women were not allowed to talk to strangers or appear in public venues
• A man could not talk to a woman who wasn 't their wife or daughter in public
• Rabbis were not permitted to speak to their wives or daughters in public
• Women had to be doubly veiled when they left their homes
• They could not testify in court

primary source (eg. The Bible secondary source (eg. A textbook, website, book)

• make judgements about the relevance and reliability of the sources - judge potential bias, including comments about credibility of the source
• make conclusions about motives, causes or effects
• decide whether it matches what you already found
• decide how you will use this piece of material

Bruce A. Robinson, the author of this website source has written many articles on Christianity and the Church of Jesus Christ thus I believe that this information is reliable.…

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