Women 's Role For Women Essay

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Sources say that women were not allowed to act in theatre productions because they were uneducated compared to men. Playwrights, audiences, and mostly everyone, feared that due to this education gap, women wouldn’t know what to do when they got on stage, which could potentially ruin the entire production. This made women feel significantly less intelligent, and even worthless. Men, especially the wealthy, for lacking basic knowledge and education, often taunted women. Despite the fact that they weren’t allowed to perform, women still attended theatre productions in great numbers. However, some people considered this even too public of a role for women to partake in. Many said that women in the audience were a distraction and often times provoked men to act in vulgar ways. This portrays women as the reason why men act out, leaving them at fault for just trying to see a production.
The fact that women were not able to act in theatre productions all those years ago, still, in some ways, affects how women are portrayed in the theatre business now. Modern day director and writer, Stella Duffy says, “When we do not see ourselves on stage we are reminded, yet again, that the people running our world do not notice when we are not there. That they think men (and yes, white, middle-class, middle-aged, able-bodied men at that) are all that we need to see.” This quote applies to how women must have felt in the past during the Elizabethan Era as well. Because women were not legally…

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