Essay Women 's Role For Law Enforcement

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Women’s role in Law Enforcement has always been under appreciated. In today society, the old ideology still exists that women are too emotional to be a police officer. A police officer job is to maintain the law and order, protect property. Law enforcement is a man dominated the field. Since women have always been seen as the one that need the protection of men, they are not taken as seriously, but the number of women police officer has grown but by a limited amount. Lack of fair treatment of women in Law Enforcement hinders Law enforcement in its pursuit of the peace in the community.
Women provide numerous advantages to Law Enforcement agencies such as 1) they are as competent as their male counterparts and even excel in certain areas of police performance, 2) they are less likely to use excessive force,3) they are more likely to implement “community-oriented" policing, 4) more female officers will improve law enforcement’s response to violence against women, 5) increasing the presence of female police officers reduce problems of sex discrimination and harassment within a law enforcement agency, and 6) the presence of women can bring about beneficial changes in policy for all officers (Kimberly).
Recently, Law Enforcement is having a problem with the community, they have lost the confidence and the trust of the public because of corruptions scandals in recent history. Therefore, police leaders are under pressure to implement community or service oriented policing to better…

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