Women 's Rights For Women Essay

1474 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
Rights for women is nothing like it was in the 20th century, now we have many improved environments and standards that would seem out of place back then. Now women can just about do anything they want and that is all thanks to the people that had to struggle for the women’s rights to get where they are today. Many suffragists risked their lives to support the acts that they believed in. Most of them went to great lengths so that the present and future generations of women could prosper and succeed. They paved the way for other women to follow their dreams and have equal rights. When Dubois stated, “At the beginning of the twentieth century, most American women faced the new century with considerable optimism” (Dubois 420) she considered the many breakthroughs and stepping stones that had made history for women. I agree with Dubois’s statement and believe it is very true. Before the turn of the century, many events led to women looking forward to the present as their rights and beliefs were getting more and more attention. Dubois is correct in saying that women faced considerable optimism during the twentieth century because big events such as a Women Suffrage Amendment being introduced in 1878, NWSA and AWSA merge together to form a bigger suffrage association, and many others. These events even the littlest, helped many others to start fighting and protesting their rights. These achievements helped keep hope as it too many years the achieve the place where they’re at right…

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