Women 's Reproductive Health Coverage Versus Women Under The Aca

1205 Words Feb 9th, 2016 null Page
Social Problem:
Men do not have equal reproductive health coverage compared to women under the ACA

The government is at fault for the ACA coverage gap in reproductive health care between women and men. The government interfered with the health insurance market and distorted market forces by doing so. This is a social problem for American citizens and insurance companies who are forced to participate in the implementation of the ACA. Individuals are being impacted because they have to enroll in an insurance plan or face fines from the government. In addition, enforcing government mandates for coverage of women’s health, pre-existing conditions, and employees has increased cost for insurers and businesses. This has contributed to the collapse of some insurance companies, like Health Republic, and the laying off workers. The same can be said for businesses that must now provide coverage for employees or also face fines. Without intervention, our economy will continue to suffer and the government will continue to impede on the rights of Americans. To solve this issue, the ACA should be repealed and our classic healthcare system should be reinstated. Furthermore, men do not need extra coverage for reproductive health because family planning is the responsibility of the female, but only within the confines of marriage. Instead, the act of abstinence should be practiced and widely promoted to lower the need for reproductive health care and therefore the need for…

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