Essay on Women 's Leadership, Power, And Authority

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This is a look at the way men and women view and handle leadership, power, and authority, within an executive position in business, industry,and education, How, these role play out in a domestic and social setting. Undoubtedly, men are looked upon as leaders of industry and capitol, but more women are finding themselves in the executive role as leaders of major industry, Its within that command of power that men and women differ. Gender Power, How men see and use power, and how women differ in its usage and structure. Several prominent author have written about this subject, and we all have our own personal thoughts on men and women 's leadership styles, and their ability to command authority when needed. Generally men have been looked upon as leaders of industry, and women were for the most part seen as providers, caregivers, and handle domestic issues at home, socially and professionally women 's roles were Teachers, Nurses, Secretaries, and Child Care providers. Higher Education, Author, Luba Chliwniak, Author of "Higher Education Leadership,"Analyzing the Gender Gap, Was Quoted; "The perpetuation of a male dominated presidency no longer should be the norm, if the majority populaces it serves are women." (Leatherman and Schuster 1993). Interpretation, men 's leadership control in education, needs to be equal to the women that receives the larges percentage of college degrees, Which is true in most educated and domesticated countries around the world.…

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