Women 's Lack Of Emotional Fitness Essay

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Women in law enforcement haven’t always been accepted in the police force since it is a male dominate profession. They have had to fight against a lot of odds to be where they are now. They fought sexual harassment, hostile work environment, being thought as weak, not treated equally and with respect, and they would be ostracizes if they made one single mistake. “Entering police work women have encountered enormous difficulties, primarily as a result of the negative attitudes of the men. Male officers anticipate women failing (Brookshire 1980); they doubt women can equal men in most job skills (Bloch and Anderson 1974); they do not see women officers as doing "real" police work (Melchionne 1976); and they perpetuate myths about women 's lack of emotional fitness (Bell 1982). “Race, age and education seem to influence attitudes toward women: black officers were found to be somewhat more favorable toward women than white officers (Bell 1982, Bloch and Anderson 1974); and in St. Louis younger, better educated officers exhibited less negativism” (Sherman 1975). “In contrast, a study in Atlanta concluded flatly that male officers did not accept women as police officers” (Remmington 1981). “Horne (1980) has pointed out that the biggest challenge facing women officers is the resistance displayed by male officers in their attitudes toward women in policing”. “Hunt (1990) concluded that women police were harassed and resisted by the male officers because they feared that women…

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