Women 's Influence On Women Essay

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Throughout the 21st century, women have gained more freedom than any other century. Women around the world are becoming more capable in all way and more powerful with leading opportunities that were only limited to men. Women have been inferior for so long to men, but we continue to strive for the same equal rights and standards that men succeed to have. However, the way mass media portrays women prevent the female community to strive to our full potential. Mass media like magazines, television, films and commercials etc. continues to stereotype women as naturally weaker than men, oversexualized women, endangers women, and influences young girls to be and think less of what they are capable of.
Mass media often portrays women as weaker than men. For example, for cleaning products media advertises the “cleaner” in the household as a women’s role and the one to keep the home tidy. It rarely since on television a man advertising a clean product.In commericals they tend to use women stereotyped that the female sex is more fragile-like, weak, and tend to do “womanly” things. On the other hand, media advertises with any men’s products commercials as pugnacious and tries to appeal to their strengths. According to Women’s History In America, women are perceived as “naturally weaker than men, squeamish, and unable to perform work requiring muscular and intellectual development.”(women’s history in America, n.d para 2) This quote is proven in all over mass media especially in…

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