Women 's Influence On Women Essay

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The masculine technology was much more visible than the feminine technology and in its own ways trying to reach out to consumer especially boys. The consumer world has become diver in that the masculine technology are no longer have male consumer and increase in female consumer. For instance, the Fisher Body Craftsman, they intending to advertise to high school teenager and college undergraduate around age 12-20 featuring that usage will become a promised and mature man, who take on responsible and ready to take a bride. In fact, this is just somethings build to maintain a male technical domain in that the production by define male as the main of technical knowledge in the mobilizing of organization, economic and culture resources. Female on the other hand are excluding in the advertise and not till 1927, women model was use along men in a complementary way that portray both gender in a stereotypical relationship in the technology world. For instance, the technology world where men are the active producers and women the passive consumers of technology, which it tries to shore male identity boundaries in the new world and expanding consumerism code as female. The stereotype blamed women for inadequate socialization, lack aspiration, request a masculine value, which they often face this kind of problem or barriers as entering the male domain of science and engineer. The reason male was seeming to be technophiles may be because they were given the opportunity into the domain…

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