Women 's Influence On The Music Industry Essay

1630 Words Nov 30th, 2015 7 Pages
This essay will be analyzing the issue and the on going controversy surrounding the topic of, women in the music industry and how they are objectified and overtly sexualized to help sell records or to make music videos more attractive to mass audiences. The essay will look at real life textual examples from both the past and present, of how women are being presented in the music industry, in both positive and negative lights, examining the similarities and the differences of different periods of time and the effects it has on audiences.

The music industry looks to use women as an asset, through songs and music videos artists and institutions look to glamorize women, construct narratives around their beauty to making their music more appealable to mass audiences. The industry looks to play with the audience’s emotions, especially male audiences, by creating music videos that focus on sexualizing women supporting the dominant stereotype of media being constructed from a males perspective. Music videos make male fantasies over women a reality.

It’s become more notable in todays society, showing off more skin in music videos leads to more money in the music industry. The idea of sexualizing women, seeing them as objects is mainly dominant in the Hip Hop, R & B and pop music genres. Both in the past and present you can see music videos that exploit women sexually just to satisfy audience’s needs. Constantly being exposed to women flaunting their bodies in sexual manners on…

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