Essay on Women 's Influence On A Woman 's Life

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This literature review attempts to reveal how attitudes and behaviors are affected by the onset of menarche and menstruation throughout a woman’s life. The way a woman positively or negatively perceives menstruation can perpetuate the attitudes and behaviors exhibited, which are regulated by culture, religion, family members, and the media (Rembeck, Möller & Gunnarsson, 2006; Roberts, 2004). In turn, these influences typically create negative attitudes towards menstruation, which affect a woman’s body image leading to self-objectification, and causing disconnection from their mother, themselves, and other women. Most discussion about menarche are perpetuated negatively especially through the media, promoting its existence as a shameful event that requires hygienic management (Stubbs & Costos, 2004). With dialogues facilitated through religious texts and within familial members primarily the matriarch, girls and women are conditioned to believe they must control their menstruating bodies quietly and covertly. Menstruation can be described as a Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon (Stubbs, 2008), which generates a detachment from self. Most women describe their menstruating selves as an altogether separate person from their “ordinary” selves. Topics explored within this paper will guide research for future exploratory or empirical studies.
Throughout history menstruating women have been barred from religious activities and ceremonies in certain sects of Judaism, Christianity…

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