Women 's Health Medical Discourse Essay

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According to some feminist views of women’s health medical discourse strongly influences women’s self-definitions and experiences. Unlike pregnancy, when a woman is younger to deal with the alterations, a woman also has the support of her friends and family as pregnancy is a welcome and overtly noticeable change in all cultures. Though apprehensions are known to exist during pregnancy, for most women it is the most joyful and positive change. This is not so during menopause. As the changes in a woman are not overt the attitude of the woman herself and her support system is that of ignorance. It is a challenging experience and most women are left to deal with it alone, more so, in the developing countries. Few of them also have surgical problems related to the reproductive tract during this period. The major illness faced during this period are the carcinomas and malignancies which can be attributed to the hormonal changes such as the unopposed action of progesterone. The small number of women who seek medical help and use hormone replacement therapy are also at an increased risk for some cancers. All these physical comorbidities are an additive to the already stressed body and mind and so makes a woman extremely vulnerable for mental illnesses. How women perceive their midlife changes, can be result of the interaction with cultural determinants and may lead her to rework her definition of ‘self’. 15, 16

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