Women 's Effect On Society Essay

1673 Words Jun 10th, 2015 null Page
In today’s society women are the main targets when it comes to being in a dangerous situation, because women seen to lack physical strength, and may seem very fragile makes them a weaker opponent to take down than a man. Most of the time women think they’re not able to fight back because their defenseless against someone who is physically stronger than them. Women have to face problems with harassment, molesting and stalking. Most women who comes face-to-face with danger sometimes tend to panic, and become frozen with fear which makes it easier for the attacker to take them down. Women let fear overcome them and begins to panic, instead a woman should let fear become part of their fighting and use it as energy to defend themselves. When using their minds, women’s are able to escape a situation. According to Schwartz, “A women best form of defense is her mind; and some ways in which a woman can defend herself may seem strange but very intelligent.” Most men chooses to harass a woman because in their mind the women is very weak and the man believes he could over power them. Woman should know their strength and be able to learn how to fight back. When a person learns to fight back, that person will feel better about themselves. There are many self-defense classes that are available for women, different types of techniques and styles of self-defense. When taking a self-defense class the first thing a women learn is to remain calm and use their head when facing a situation.…

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