Women Of The Ancient Greek Society Essay

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When you think of the ancient Greeks, what do you think of? Do you think of the Olympics or democracy or grandiose city-states, such as Athens and Sparta? Well, what you may not have thought about that there was an aspect of everyday ancient Greek society known as misogyny, or prejudice against women. Ancient Greek women were usually stuck performing domestic labor in the household under the control of men. They could not participate in government, they did not have rights, and they had to obey the men in their lives. Generally speaking, they were thought to have only one purpose: reproduction. Not many ancient Greeks paid attention to misogyny since it was always an accepted part of ancient Greek society and was rooted deeply in their history. Not only is misogyny evident in everyday Greek life but it is also apparent in the perceptions of ancient Greek suicides. There was certainly a difference in how the ancient Greeks perceived male and female suicides. Male suicides were typically viewed as honorable while female suicides were regarded as an act of weakness. Also, misogyny resulted in the ancient Greeks dismissing the fact that heroines played a significant role in shaping ancient Greek society. They even went as far as misrepresenting suicide data in order to show how feeble female suicides were to them. Of course, there are modern scholars that would not agree with me. Although one may believe there is no correlation between gender and ancient Greek suicide rates,…

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