Women During The Civil War Essay

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When thinking about the Civil War, the 620,000 men who fought and died in combat is what comes to mind, but what is not talked about are the over 400 women who died right beside them. The reasons men went to war were because they were proud of their country, they were able to leave home, they got to go on an adventure, and they earned money. Women joined the war for the same reasons, but with the addition of having freedom (Righthand, Jess. "The Women Who Fought in the Civil War."). One such example was Jennie Hodgers--known as Albert Cashier on the battlefield-- who was enlisted in Illinois and fought for the entire Civil War without being caught. She lived fifty years as a man, getting a military pension, and lived with those in Illinois who kept her secret (Righthand, Jess. "The Women Who Fought in the Civil War."). In the Civil War Era, women were not perceived as equals to men at all, at most, during the Revolution Era, females could become nurses in the war. The women who fought and died for the United States during the Civil War joined for the same reasons as male soldiers, had a chance of a better life, but have been forgotten by history despite their contributions to the military.
Men and women were not equal during this time era, but it did not mean that the patriotism and beliefs of these heroes were any different. Women, like men, saw the Civil War as a chance of leaving home and seeking freedom, but for some women it was a little more personal. A woman’s brother…

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