Advantages Of The South In The Civil War

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Going into the Civil War, the North and the South made strategic plans to help them win the war. The North had many advantages going into the war, and some of those advantages include a larger population, more industry, more abundant resources, a better banking system, railroads, a large navy, and they also had Lincoln’s dedication. The South had advantages as well. Some of those advantages include fighting in familiar territory, and the South had better military leadership. The main goal for the North was to bring the South back into the Union. There plans for the war was to blockade southern ports, gain control of the Mississippi River, and to capture Richmond, Virginia. The South’s main goal was to get recognition as an independent nation. …show more content…
During the war, the soldiers experienced boredom, discomfort, sickness, fear of what lies in front of them, and horror from what has happened and from what is going to happen to them. For example, during the Battle of Shiloh the soldiers had to wait about twenty-four hours until they received medical treatment. Many of the Confederate soldiers suffered from a lack of food and many other supplies. One out of every eleven Union soldiers ended up running away, and one out of every eight Confederate soldiers ran away because of the terrible life that a soldier had. Although women were not allowed to fight, they had very important roles during the Civil War. Some of the women jobs included rolling bandages, woven blankets, make ammunition, and they also collected food, clothes and medicine. Women also would work as spies, and some women would even work as doctors even though men were against that idea because they thought that women were too fragile to be a doctor during the war. In the North an opposition was rising, and they were called the Peace Democrats. Many northerners called them the Copperheads and they were referring to the venomous snake. The Peace Democrats were people in the North who were against the war, and wanted everything to be settled with peace instead of fighting each …show more content…
The Battle of Fredericksburg was a very bloody that took place in Virginia. This battle ended in a Confederate victory. In the Battle of Chancellorsville, the Confederate army accidently shot one of their own generals in the arm which eventually ended up killing him, and this general was Stonewall Jackson. All though they shot their own general, the Confederacy was able to pull out another win which caused gloom in the North. The Battle of Gettysburg lasted for three days, and it is considered the turning point of the Civil War. The Union was able to win this battle, and that brought hope to the North. The Battle of Vicksburg took place in Mississippi. The Union won this battle which was very important because now the Union had control of all of the Mississippi River. The Battle of Petersburg took place in Petersburg, Virginia and it lasted for over nine months. Another win was given to the Union at the Battle of Petersburg. Sherman’s March to Sea took place in Georgia, and it was total war, meaning that Sherman’s army destroyed everything that they found useful to the South as they marched through Georgia. With the capture of Atlanta, Georgia, the Union won this battle. The terms of Surrender at Appomattox Court House was that the Confederacy must lay down their arms, they are free to go home, they can keep their horses, and the Union will send three days of food to Lee’s

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