Women During Literature And The Effect Men Have On Them Essay example

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Women in Literature and the Effect Men Have on Them Men have a negative effect on women in literature in terms of oppressing their sexuality and leaving them devastated at the end of the story. For instance, Addie Bundren from William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, was an unhappily married woman whose sexuality was oppressed, by the constraints of a male dominated society and husband, despite her affair. In comparison, Blanche DuBois from Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, was a widow who had lost everything and was shunned for her sexual promiscuity, unable to form positive relations in the end. Both Addie and Blanche had tragic endings, one dying in a home she had little love for and the other institutionalized after mentally breaking due to a series of events, including the loss of her job and home as well as being raped. While the men in Addie and Blanche’s lives do negatively affect them, it is not just these characters because they are stand ins for society, such as the standard treatment women were given during the time period and so on. The recognition that men have a negative effect on women in literature is important because, not only is it a reflection of how women were treated, but it shows the limitations women were, and in some cases are still, expected to put up with, which included the happiness of men before your own and little rights to ones sexuality or body. This is why it is important to note these specific examples of men negatively impacting…

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