The Yellow Wallpaper And A Streetcar Named Desire

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Literature is important because it helps people understand the history and culture of the society. It is beneficial in developing critical thinking and understand the meaning why authors wrote what their work either poetry or stories. It also allows the people to discuss different interpretation and create sympathy for the people and society of the time period. The two famous pieces from the Norton anthology of American literature are The Yellow Wallpaper and A Streetcar Named Desire, these both writings create anger toward men and sympathy toward women and emphasized on the gender roles in two different time periods. For decades’ men were dominant in every aspect of life, neglecting women needs and desires they did whatever was suitable for them. Men’s job was to provide the bread for the family and women’s job was staying home, taking care of kids and husbands needs at home. Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Tennessee Williams addressed the issue of unequal marriage status and f the American society. Although their writings were hundred years apart, their common theme in their writing was same. Charlotte Perkins Gilman was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on July 3, 1860. she wrote about social definition of women and “masculinist” ideals. She was a feminist and bothered by the unequal marriage status and authority of the man in a marriage. One of her famous books is women and economics which was about women labor. One of her writing published in Norton…

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