Women Crime Essay

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Crime Against Women In India By Ajay Kumar Ranjan




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Crime Against Women In India By Ajay Kumar Ranjan 30 January, 2013 Countercurrents.org “A society that is unable to respect, protect and nurture its women and children loses its moral moorings Support Us
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This perception has given birth to various customs and practices. Violence against women both inside and outside of their home has been a crucial issue in the contemporary Indian society. Women in India constitute near about half of its population and most of them are grinding under the socio-cultural and religious structures. One gender has been controlling the space of the India 's social economic, political and religious fabric since time immemorial. The present study felt the need that in the era of globalization and modernization the present trends of crimes against women is on increase. Recently the brutal gang rape against 23 year student in Delhi again sparked the debate on Indian mental set up and existing law and order in the Country. Various legislation for safeguarding the women: There are various legislation has been incorporated regarding the safeguarding of the women. Various Legislation for safeguarding crime against women, classified under two categories: The Crime under Indian Penal Code (IPC): i. Rape (Section 376 IPC) ii. Kidnapping and abduction for specified purpose (Section 363-373 IPC) iii. Homicide for dowry, Dowry death or their attempts. (Sec. 302/304-B IPC) iv. Torture both mental and physical (Sec.498-A –IPC) v. Sexual Harassment (Sec. 509 IPC) vi. Importation of girls (Up to 21 years of age ) (Sec. 366-B IPC) 1. The Crimes under the Special and local Laws (SLL)- Gender specific laws

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