Women And Christianity : A Topic That Sparked Throughout Christianity

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Women and Christianity are a topic that sparked throughout Christianity in human history. Women could not participate in the roles of leadership in the religion of Christianity. Women obliged to follow the two thousand year traditions throughout the very beginning of Christianity. Women wore many layers of clothing and hair pulled back to the point of not wanting to be noticed or attract attention. Most of the men wore suits and appeared intimidating and aggressive. The men tended to make eye contact and engage in conversation, while the wives stepped back and let him lead. The articles acknowledge that women were among “Jesus earliest followers” such as Jewish women disciples, including Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna, had accompanied Jesus during his ministry and supported Jesus out of their private means (Luke 8:1-3). Women played an important role in Christianity, except women played the role in a more submissive way, attending to the needs of man and never in a leadership role. Although we have seen women 's leadership roles in the Christian Church, I don’t believe they have reached significant heights. The article states that “the ordination of women as ministers and priests during the twentieth century sometimes gave the impression that new ground was being broken by women who sought to lead congregations.” This has caused the church to exclude women and ever have them barred from the church. It may time a long time for women to be taken seriously in leadership…

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