Woman Of Color, Daughter Of Privilege, By Kent Anderson Essays

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The plight of African Americans has been a very arduous journey. The plight of black women has been an even greater one. A large majority of African American women have faced some form of labeling, racism and backlash. During the antebellum period, you were either a free black, or former slave. In “Woman of Color, Daughter of Privilege”, written by Kent Anderson Leslie in 1995, tells a captivating true story of a woman, Amanda America Dickson, whose life shows how with persistence and willpower, one woman defined herself to become one of the wealthiest women in America at a time when it was unheard of for a black person to possess anything, let alone a black woman. Mr. Kent is an author and assistant professor of women 's studies at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia.
Born in 1849, Amanda was the result of a forbidden encounter between a rich plantation owner named David Dickson and one of his 13-year-old slave girls. Although it was not unusual, albeit unlawful for such a situation to occur, what was unusual was the fact the Mr. Dickson took the child and raised her in the main house as if she were a white child. The book tells how he managed his white family and his so called “outside family". Although Amanda’s mother, Julia stayed a slave for most of her life, eventually becoming a servant in Mr. Dickson’s home, she according to Dickson family oral history, “had great control of the household” (Leslie, 1996) and eventually lived in a separate home of her own…

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