Woman At Point Zero Essay

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In recent events the female empowerment movement has spread throughout several areas in the world. In the book, Woman at Point Zero, the term female empowerment is viewed through a different lens. The book does acknowledge female empowerment in a different way but throughout the book men continue to overpower women. Nawal El Saadawi’s book, Woman at Point Zero, explains a journey into the life of a female prostitute in Egypt. The novel also expresses its belief on men in this region of the world as avaricious, abusive, and deceitful. Nawal El Saadawi uses the men by explaining that these traits are inherent in all men such as Firdaus’ Uncle, Firdaus’ Father, Sheikh Mahmoud, Bayoumi, and Ibrahim. Within the text El Saadawi used the greed that controlled women, the pain brought onto women, …show more content…
Men in Woman at Point Zero were predominantly described committing treacherous acts towards women. In the text because prostitution was seen as a sin it was ironic to see how many men, religious or not, participated in pleasuring themsleves with prostitutes. El Saadawi may have built a bias towards men when she created the novel do to the fact that ten of the eleven men in the book were either corrupt by the desire to have more, or of the need to ‘punish’ women and/or the mentality to decieve women. The author also incorporates her dissaprovemnt in the government by bashing on the hypocritical legal and justice system as it was also men in power such as the policman and the prince who yearned for Firdaus to sleep with them, but she does not do it so kindly as she describes their behavior as either forceful or domineering. In a way El Saadawi uses men to portray women as vunerable products of their society and uses the inherit charactieristics in men to uplift women and to downgrade

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